Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tip #1

When your little ones get a new box of crayons, tape around the middle with clear tape. They will be less likely to break and therefore will last much longer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Post (Introduction)

Hello, hello. My name is Darcy and I'm brand-spankin' new at this (so please bear with me).

A little info on me:

I'm 32. Happily married. I have the sweetest little boy ever. I love reading, movies, the outdoors, food, pets, organizing, free stuff, the beach and spending time with friends.

Why I started this blog:

I thought that I could use this forum to share tips and advice on finding good deals and saving money. However, my intention is not only for me to do it, but for anyone reading to add ideas if they wish to. It's very helpful now that we're in an economic crunch. However, even when the economy does turn around I will continue to penny-pinch and I hope you all do too.


My brain is always thinking up new ideas for saving money. I decided to sit down and write them out in a book entitled 50 Painless Ways to Stretch Your Dollar Further. I plan to update this blog every Wednesday and Sunday with a new, short tip from my book. I hope to see you again soon.