Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tip #2

After you put gas in your car, make sure to tighten the gas cap as much as you can. Otherwise, small amounts of gas will actually evaporate.


  1. good to know .. I had no idea

  2. When I drove my brother's Pontiac Vibe car, I didn't tighten the gas cap as much as I should have and a light on the dashboard came on. I didn't remember exactly which one it was (service engine? picture of gaspump? something?) I had to read through the service manual to find out possible reasons and finally found the loosened gas cap to be the reason. After I filled up a couple times after that, the light went away (as did my anxiety about that stupid light, lol!) I didn't even realize that was an issue or option on the dashboard on some cars to remind you to tighten it.