Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tip #13

Okay this is going to sound super cheap (and not even in the good way, if that's possible).

I've decided to send out Christmas cards every other year. If I send them out every year it gets awfully pricey since almost half my mailing list is out of the country. If I send them out every 2+ years the gap is too wide and some folks will get a little miffed and delete us from their mailing lists.

Every other year is smack dab in the middle of the perfect amount. I'll save money but still stay in everyone's good graces.


  1. I've always enjoyed getting Christmas cards so I send them out every year...I send out many more than I actually receive back. I have waited until after the season and bought cards extremely inexpensive and saved them for the following year to help with the costs in the past as well. Recently, I scrimped and saved to enjoy the splurge of sending nice cards with pictures. Last year, I received an average envelope with a little square of paper colored in with crayons. I proudly put it among my other cards I received. It was the thought that counted. And in this day and age, I've also received Christmas e-cards as well. 'Tis the season!

  2. That's why I sorta felt bad posting this one. I feel all scrouge-like, lol. The cards themselves are pretty cheap but it's all the stamps to send 'em to Canada that kill me.

  3. I wonder if you could put all of your mail to your Canadian friends in an envelope (along with some money for postage) to a friend who lives there...then they can mail it within the country...perhaps that might cut down on the cost. Just a thought...

  4. You can also scan it in and send it in an email
    Its great thrifty and saves paper so its eco friendly
    Its the thought that counts