Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tip #15

First and foremost: Happy Birthday Caleb! My little boy turns 5 today.

This tip is going to be the first of a series that will continue for a few weeks. The topic is how to keep food fresher for longer. And in some cases what to do with food that's gotten a little stale. Some, obviously, you'll have to dump. But for others there are alternatives to the trash can. Like with the following...

Stale bread can be turned into tasty bread crumbs. I bake them at 250 F until crunchy. Then grind them in a food processor and voila. Homemade breadcrumbs! You can also add seasonings (such as oregano, dried onion, etc.) if you'd like. Rye breadcrumbs are especially yummy to coat pork chops with.


  1. I've heard about this...I need to do it more often though. I love using bread crumbs when I make chicken fried steak!

  2. I hope Caleb had an awesome birthday! :)

    Since I only use bread for toast or to make packed lunches, I can use it right out of the freezer, so that's where I keep it to eliminate any chance of it going stale to begin with.

    I only let the crusts go stale on purpose. I leave 'em out on a rack for a few days to dry out. Then I either turn 'em into breadcrumbs to make schnitzel (no need to toast them in the oven beforehand, as they turn golden when you cook the schnitzel anyway!) or break them up into chunks to make German bread dumplings. It only takes a few days and saves money because you don't need to run the oven -- although if I am using the oven anyway, I will take advantage of the residual heat in there to dry my bread a little faster, once I've taken whatever I was oven-cooking out, and turned the oven off.

  3. MMM schnitzel. That's like in my top 10 favorite foods ever.

    Sorry got distracted. Yea, it's better to stick bread in the freezer until you're going to use it. I often do that. Some folks don't really keep up with all that so that's why I was giving an alternative to dumping it out or feeding the birds with it.

    I will dream of sugar plums and schnitzel tonight.

  4. happy birthday sweet darling adorable Caleb
    Love that tip