Monday, June 28, 2010

I apologize for not keeping up with this blog like I thought I would. There are multiple reasons why so I'll start explaining.

A) I started this blog in conjunction with a manuscript I was writing. And while I loved writing the manuscript, it was because I was passionate about the subject. Making little impact on the environment and saving money has always been a way of life for me.

However, I realized that although I can put words together and perhaps even be good at doing it, writing itself isn't a passion of mine. What I learned on this journey is that true writers will write no matter what and that is just not me.

B) I also did not like the publishing aspect of trying to shop my manuscript around to agents. I dread/dreaded the whole process.

C) For non-fiction books like mine, you usually have to be able to do the selling aspect of it yourself, such as book signings, interviews, talk shows, basically getting your name out there. I always cringed at the thought of that since I'm an introvert.

D) I feel like with the recent economy you can find tips to save money everywhere now. And my ideas don't seem as unique as they used to. Every time I perused my manuscript to type a new entry on here, I would think to myself that everyone probably already knows this tip.

In conclusion, I think that I'll try to break my book down into articles and send them out to magazines. The process for that is much easier. And I'll put this blog to rest temporarily until I feel some inspiration again. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for the support.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Continuing from last weeks theme...

Tip #22

Bath toys for kids are the easiest things in the world to find if you just look around your house. Kids are happy in the tub with just about anything that can go in water.

Here are some things my son has used in the bath when I no longer wanted them in the kitchen:

- measuring cup (this also helped him to learn simple fractions at the age of 3.5)
- funnels of different sizes
- a whisk
- plastic bowls

If all your items are still in very good shape and you're not ready to part with them yet you can always purchase items such as those or mixing spoons or plastic containers for pocket change at yard sales.

Monday, January 11, 2010

From now on I do believe I will post on Mondays. My deadline to get all my work submitted for my job always lands on Sunday and it's rather chaotic.

So, Mondays it is!

Tip #21

This goes along with the *reusing* part of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Let your children play with things before you dispose or recycle them. (Things that are safe, of course).

For example, I hemmed up some curtains the other day. Instead of throwing the leftovers out I let my boy have them. He invented several games to play with the fabric. It kept him entertained for as long as most of his Christmas presents did. And tonight we did stretches before bed and we incorporated the fabric into it.

Today he used an empty pasta box with a clear "window" in the middle. It became a garage for his toy cars.

Kids + imagination + junk = free toys!

Ahh, free.

See you next Monday.