Monday, January 18, 2010

Continuing from last weeks theme...

Tip #22

Bath toys for kids are the easiest things in the world to find if you just look around your house. Kids are happy in the tub with just about anything that can go in water.

Here are some things my son has used in the bath when I no longer wanted them in the kitchen:

- measuring cup (this also helped him to learn simple fractions at the age of 3.5)
- funnels of different sizes
- a whisk
- plastic bowls

If all your items are still in very good shape and you're not ready to part with them yet you can always purchase items such as those or mixing spoons or plastic containers for pocket change at yard sales.


  1. This is a great idea. Whenever we travel to visit my mom, we use kitchen items like this in the tub at bath time for the kids. Tub toys just don't tend to travel well, and something new in the tub is always a welcome change!

  2. Extremely clever idea
    Caleb just continues to blow me away with how smart he is

  3. Ah - funnels! Great idea! Thanks!!