Monday, January 11, 2010

From now on I do believe I will post on Mondays. My deadline to get all my work submitted for my job always lands on Sunday and it's rather chaotic.

So, Mondays it is!

Tip #21

This goes along with the *reusing* part of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Let your children play with things before you dispose or recycle them. (Things that are safe, of course).

For example, I hemmed up some curtains the other day. Instead of throwing the leftovers out I let my boy have them. He invented several games to play with the fabric. It kept him entertained for as long as most of his Christmas presents did. And tonight we did stretches before bed and we incorporated the fabric into it.

Today he used an empty pasta box with a clear "window" in the middle. It became a garage for his toy cars.

Kids + imagination + junk = free toys!

Ahh, free.

See you next Monday.

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